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          Computers Across the Curriculum


          It is still expected that a new student at George Fox will want to have his or her own computer, typically a laptop computer. However, the computing landscape is changing, and it may very well be possible for students of typically the non-technical programs to take care of their computing needs with a mobile pad type device. Public computers are located around campus. We are an authorized Apple service & repair center, so we can work on a student's personal Apple computer. We do see this landscape changing rapidly, and we will try to support all computing devices to the best of our ability, which may just be in an advisory role for the mobile devices.

          如果你想购买一台苹果电脑,我们建议通过现有的教育折扣的365体育备用网址占据优势相关,每个人都 苹果教育在线商店.

          学术计算:如果您有疑问的最低要求计算你是成功的在你选择的专业,我们建议您查看我们的 最低要求列表 学术课程。例如业务主要可能需要微软的Office,这不,在iPad上运行。

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