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          textile studio with art & design students
          Student working with router to craft a design


          The 365体育备用网址 艺术 & 设计 Department's greatest strength lies in its versatility. Students from our program go on to work commercially, create their own freelance and studio practices, manage and promote arts-based organizations and pursue graduate studies. While here, they have the opportunity to take coursework broadly throughout the curriculum, learning to work with traditional art tools as well as digital and interactive media.

          Student working with printmaking and linocut to craft a design

          艺术 & 设计 Students Find Work

          在视觉工艺,艺术和设计领域工作机会 8%和13%之间国家生长,并在该地区 网页设计和交互设计在38.7%. Our programs are taught by professionals, include internship and apprenticeship opportunities, have been built in consultation with the industry, and are structured to offer students exposure to the methods, techniques, and outputs that will be expected of them as they seek out their first year employment. Even better, all industries are on the lookout for creative thinkers, problem solvers, and ideators—a skillset that is deeply embedded in the practice of art & design.

          art retreat sculpture with brandon waybright and art & design students


          带班通常在运行 14名学生到教师1,你就会知道,并亲自照顾。而我们的计划是高度专业化的,我们也感到自豪 处理彼此像家人在生活的各个领域提供一个相互支持。我们举办一些活动贯穿全年,包括艺术撤退,画廊开幕,研讨会,游览到波特兰,并提供一个机会,奖励去认识彼此,我们的创意家庭中庆祝生命。



          painting studio with art & design students


          大学是一个显著的投资,它的不寻常的担心,而你学习艺术对自己的教育支付。除了金钱杂志承认365备用网址为最佳值,我们的学生也可以利用该部门的许多 工作学习岗位,第一星期五和活动贯穿纽伯格,学生出售自己的工作,并寻求当地企业 雇佣我们的学生。在大学,当然用品包括作为课程费用的一部分,这意味着他们有资格覆盖率从 奖学金, and there are a number of 奖学金 that we offer every year specifically for students who commit to studying art & design. To get started, you should consider participating in our Scholarship Weekend.


          ceramic studio with mark terry and art & design students


          你的精神和个人成长是一个高优先级。而我们的校园欢迎广泛的观点,每位教授都包含了一个 基督教世界观。根植于贵格会教徒道德,我们的信仰要求我们想方设法 服务于世界 通过广泛的,我们做的工作。整个学习,你将挑战考虑如何你的世界观和工作为创意专业人士可以对齐,以丰富自己的信仰,以及你的社区,地区和世界的生活。

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