Chevrolet 427T Engine

This engine was built in January of 1981 supported by the owners statement and casting numbers on the block and cylinder heads. The engine was reported to have 38,000 original miles and maintained at all the regular intervals. The truck it was in was wrecked, and the engine was removed and put aside for a good many years.

Casting Numbers - The date code and casting numbers are mainly for identification and quality-control purposes. Through the casting date, the day/night shift indicator and, on some components, the "clock" position, it's possible for Chevrolet to pinpoint within an hour or so when a specific component was cast. Casting numbers also identify specific "families" of components.

Block Serial number - 473478
68-84 Tall deck truck engine  4-bolt main
Cylinder Head Serial Numbers - 343772     J2781   GM3T  772
68-86 Oval Open 427T

Intake Manifold - Holly Performer

The Beginning
This is how the motor looked when we purchased it.  The previous owner sent just these few photos and we took a chance based on what was told us.

External Inspection Before Rebuilding
Once the engine arrived, we photographed it as shown below and then took it carefully apart to determine condition. The exterior of the engine was dirty and soiled from previous use and from sitting. Nothing was broken, no visible cracks or structural damage was noted. Teardown was next in line.

Internal Inspection Before Rebuilding
The inside of the engine appeared to be well maintained, no sludge anywhere, oil pick-up screen was clean, virtually no ring ridge in cylinder walls, no scoring, no indication of problems anywhere in the engine. It was a go to send to the machine shop.

Ready for the Machine Shop
November 10th, 2008 - The engine is apart, cleaned up and ready to send to the machine shop for boiling of block, honing of cylinder walls, new piston rings, new bearings, new push rods, new camshaft, new lifters, new freeze plugs.

At The Machine Shop - Phase 1
The engine was taken to Performance Machine to be disassembled, boiled and inspected. The block and heads are in superb condition, none of the bearings were worn through, no cylinder wall damage or excessive wear so only a light honing is required leaving the bore original. No cracks, or any other noticeable damage or wear was it is a go for rebuild.

Going Back Together
The engine has been honed, a new camshaft has been installed along with new piston rings, bearings, lifters, push rods, oil pump, oil pan, timing gears and chain, all new gaskets. Heads were shaved, valves were ground and has all new valve springs and guides. Click here for complete buildsheet.


Base Engine Completed
The engine is completely back together, painted and carefully wrapped in plastic to prevent critters from getting inside.

Adding Components
With the basic engine completely rebuilt, it is now ready for all the necessary components. This section covers all of those items. Click here to see Build Sheet Phase #2