Chevrolet 427T Engine
Build Sheet

427T Build Sheet



Prior to rebuilding the engine was carefully stripped down to its bare block and photographed.  Upon inspection nothing was broken, no visible cracks or structural damage was noted.  The inside of the engine was clean, no sludge, oil pick up screen was clean, virtually no ring wear in cylinder walls, no scoring, no indication of problems anywhere in the engine. It was a go to begin the rebuilding.



Beginning November 10th, 2008

The engine work done is as follows and was completed April 5th, 2009. Note:


Engine Torn down

Cleaned Block

Hone cylinders

Align and hone block

Install new cam bearings

Clean heads

Install new freeze plugs

Clean and polish crankshaft

Clean pistonís ring grooves

Remove oil plugs

Valve job both heads

Recondition rockers

Resurface both heads

Complete long block

Install new piston rings

Install new connecting rod bearings





Install new main bearings

Install new camshaft bearings

Install new brass plugs

Install new timing set

Install new Oil pump

Install new camshaft

Install new lifters

Install all new bolts ( kit )

Install new oil pan

Install new front cover w/bolts

Install ( slightly used ) intake manifold

Install manifold spacers ( 2 )

Install new gaskets

Install new manifold bolts

Install new chrome valve covers

Paint engine.