1964 Chevrolet "Survivor"
 L75 327/300 Hp

Origin of Engine

For your consideration is this "survivor" L75 327/300hp Corvette engine. The motor was taken out of a 1964 Corvette after it was wrecked approximately 15 years ago and has been in storage ever since. We were told it had never been apart, was all original and ran before the accident. The mileage on the car at the time was not determined.

We did not disturb the engine except to wash and photograph it and install a missing drivers side exhaust manifold. We installed the "correct" manifold with part number 3846559.

In identifying the motor, we could only find two things that were not correct. The motor has an incorrect passenger side exhaust manifold and an incorrect distributor. We can only assume they were both damaged in the accident and replaced but can't verify that's what happened.


Research told us that this engine was a carry-over from the 1963 unit. Even the intake manifold was a carry-over from the previous year, being cast iron and with part #3844459. There have also been instances of some strange numbers showing up on original cars, but that's what they say makes this all so much fun.

The manifold on this engine was the same despite the transmission that was installed.

The big difference between the 1963 and 1964 was the movement of the PCV connections. In 1963, the vent hose was attached to the front of the air cleaner's base plate. For 1964 cars, designers moved it to the rear of the base plate.

Again, as in 1963, a Carter AFB was used. The internal Carter numbers were the same as the previous year, 3460S, 3461S, etc. With the manual, the part number was 3826004 until October, when it was changed to 3651761. With the automatic, it was 3826006.

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Description / Part Number


1964 - L75 327/300 hp
Carter 4bl Carb

The engine appears to be undisturbed. The original felt gaskets are visible at water pump and intake manifold appears to never have been take off. Except for exhaust manifold question, all parts are numbers matching and correct.

Block Casting Number - 3782870

Two bolt main

Block Serial Number - 4117047

This is the serial number of the actual Corvette this motor came from. The first digit is #4 meaning 1964.

Block Casting Date
D 64

A date was stamped into the block to tell the month, year and day the block was made. This block was built April 64.

Block Casting Clock

On some Saginaw blocks, intakes and exhausts, a "clock" was cast into the block. The clock is a circle of 10 dots, one dot for each hour of a shift (usually 10 hour shifts). An arrow points to the beginning of the shift an another dot outside the circle indicates what time of day the cast part was made.

Intake Manifold - 3844459
Cast Iron
RPO - L75 327 300BHP

Casting number 3799349 was for the early cars and changed to 3844459 for later cars.
The original bolts had headmarkings of M, TR, or AP. This is exactly the same as for the base manifold. These bolts may have been painted engine color, or silver. 

Carter Carburetor

The carburetor on this motor is a Carter AFB Chevrolet PN 3851761 which was found on 1964 Corvettes with a 300hp 327, standard transmission.

Air Cleaner

The engine has the original GM dual snorkel air cleaner but it is missing the snorkels...probably from the accident. The air cleaner cover has the original factory filter replacement instructions.

This engine - 1111150  6D12
Correct one is - 1111024

This distributor is not correct for the motor, and our research continues to identify it and find the correct one for the engine

Cylinder Heads
Left - 3782461
Right - 3782461

The heads are double hump
( camel back ) cylinder heads.

Year - 1964 - 1966 
Intake 2.02
Exhaust 1.62
CC - 62.076


This is a close-up view of one of the rocker arm assemblies and they are all in great condition, clean with no apparent damage.

Valve Covers

The valve covers on the engine have the number 3767493 stamped on the inside of each cover along with the name Lester. 

Exhaust Manifolds
Left Side - 3846559
Right Side - 3733978
( should be 3750556 ) 

This engine has the correct manifold on the left side, but not on the right. #The right side is #3733978 and probably changed when original was damaged.